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Anno 3 

Course Descriptions - Term Four


An examination of general microeconomic theory with an emphasis on supply and demand, opportunity cost, consumer choice, the firm, the market structure(s) and regulation, allocation of resources, capital, interest, profit, income analysis, energy, national resource economics, and public policy

MGT4250 Organizational Behavior & Leadership

Organizational Behavior is the study of how individuals relate in the workplace, and how group and organizational structures affect individual behavior. This course explores issues of coordination, control, leadership and influence, the difference between leadership and management, negotiating adjustments and compromises between divergent interests and players. In addition, the course will examine critical personal characteristics or organizational members, conflict, change, the importance of emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills, the role of teams, and personally adapting to various organizational settings. The key question: How do I work with people to make this organization successful?

FN401 Financial Management

Study of the theoretical and conceptual framework that the financial manager uses to reach decisions. Particular emphasis is given to the finance function and its relevance to the management of an enterprise. Analysis, problem-solving techniques, and decision-making tools are emphasized.

Specializations (2)

1. Financial Analysis & Wealth Management Specialization

FN355 Corporate Investment Decisions

Offers a complete approach to the financial analysis of a business, including but not limited to, valuing complex capital budgeting and corporate strategies. Issues such as building the financial component of a business plan and using financial management techniques to identify corporate problems / opportunities are examined. Options for various capital structures and the financing thereof are pursued in depth.

FN376 Portfolio Management

Focuses on the management of portfolios with special emphasis on growth strategies, retirement planning, tax-advantaged investing, stock brokerages trends and overall financial planning.

FN375 Capital Markets and Analysis

Addresses the basics of investing with emphasis on equities, debt, preferred stocks, convertible securities, right and warrants, options, mutual funds and fixed and variable annuities. The market on which each is traded as well as fundamental and technical analysis will be researched.

2. Luxury Brand Management Specialization

MGT 3550 Competitive Analysis for Luxury Business in Mature and Emerging Markets

The luxury business industry in mature markets is said to change substantially in the next decade. This will require industry leaders to rethink their luxury business models so they maintain their leading edge through innovation, whilst still yielding higher returns on investment.
At the same time, the luxury business industry is seeking to expand into a number of emerging markets. This requires an analysis of the key value drivers for these unique and diverse business environments in order to grow business in such emerging markets.

In this module students are given the opportunity to critically review microeconomic and macroeconomic theories, conceptual frameworks and other models in order to understand the dynamics of a given industry and to conduct in-depth analysis within the luxury business industry. Students will prepare an industry analysis report incorporating the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies.

MKT 3220 Luxury Marketing and Communication Strategies

With modern communication technologies providing an instant access to customers, it has become more and more important for luxury brands to communicate the value of their products effectively to their markets.

This module provides an overview of luxury business marketing management processes in a global context. It explores the role of marketing within luxury companies, focusing on the development and analysis of consistent marketing strategies. Furthermore, it introduces students to how marketing communication is used within a global luxury brand marketing strategy. Students will develop an understanding of the luxury business market segment, including the definition of and the vocabulary to describe what constitutes luxury in a given product. During their studies, students will acquire the critical skills to identify potential new luxury products for a variety of markets.

MGT 3350 High Tech and High Touch Experiences

This course examines the impact of modern technology and its relationship between luxury brands and their customers.
Students will be introduced to how high touch strategies and the integration of sustainable tools influence luxury customers’ loyalty and will discover how high tech without emotion and customisation will not fully satisfy today’s luxury clients.

3° anno HIM – Montreux

  • Sede: Montreux
  • Didattica: Ottobre – Dicembre
  • Stage curriculare (opzionale): 4/6 mesi in aziende internazionali